Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Taoist Temple A Hidden Corner: Qinghai, Day 14

Wenchang Temple, Guide, Qinghai, China:

I've always marveled how China provides an amazing experience around every corner, even those off the beaten track corners that don't exist in any guide book and the only reason you're there is because you turned left instead of right.

Listen to Taoist priest in this 32 second sound file pray, play a silver bell and paddle drum, a large bell rings, and birds chirp in the quiet garden.

Yesterday we decided to turn left and see if a small temple mentioned in town would turn into one of those corners. You bet it was, with chanting Taoist priest, worshipers ringing bells, fascinating art work and animal offerings.

Taoist priest leaves temple, above, while below, fierce looking sculpture of an Immortal looks down on visitors.

Below, animal scull and entrails offering mix with incense smoke in temple courtyard.

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